Gevorkyan T.V. Mediation as an Alternative Way of Disputes Resolution and Its Impact on the Legal Culture of Society

Gevorkyan Tatyana Valeryevna

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Orenburg State University

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Abstract. The article analyzes the prospects of participation of notaries in the mediation procedure, as well as the possible influence of such participation on the legal awareness and legal culture of the population as a whole. Taking into account the decades-long experience of foreign notaries acting as mediators, the author believes that it is possible and desirable to attract Russian notaries to the mediation procedures of dispute settlement. However, according to the author, the implementation of this initiative requires large-scale public awareness and improvement of its legal culture.

Key words: notariate, Latin notariate, mediation, legal awareness, legal culture.

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