Chernyadyeva N.A. The Peculiarities of Harmonization of National Anti-Terrorism Legislations in the EU States Today

Chernyadyeva Natalya Alekseevna
Candidate of Juridical Sciences,
Associate Professor, Department of Labor and International Law,
Perm State National Research University
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Bukireva St., 15, 614000 Perm, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to comparative legal study of national anti-terrorist units in the legislations of the EU member states. The author analyzes the approaches used in member countries of the European Union, to the implementation of mandatory all-European legal standards relating to combating terrorism. The article shows that all EU countries can be divided into three groups, each of which applies different approaches to the implementation of all-European rules in the domestic legislation relating to the determination of the legal nature of the phenomena of “terrorism” and “international terrorism”. The countries, whose antiterrorism legislation was the most developed before the beginning of the European harmonization process, show the greatest national specificity. The article concludes that, despite the fact that the law of the European Union is one of the most successful regional integration legal systems, in security, in general, and in criminal matters, in particular, member states retain a leading role in the fight against terrorism. The European anti-terrorism law retains its national character.

Key words: fight against terrorism, the European Union, implementation of all-European law, concept of terrorism, ratio of national and European law.

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