Tsibenko A.Yu. Implementation and Law Enforcement Practice of Economic Partnership Activity in the USA

Tsibenko Aleksandr Yuryevich

Postgraduate Student, Department of Civil and Legal Disciplines,
Volgograd Branch of Russian Presidential Academy
of National Economy and Public Administration
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Gagarina St., 8, 400131 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article investigates the foreign experience of law enforcement and economic specifics of the legal entities carrying out business in the legal form of business partnership. Following the national legislator the author appeals to the implementation of the activities of their foreign counterparts of economic partnerships in the US economy. Jurisdiction taken for a comparative analysis of the state, fixing this intermediate between legal entities and contractual forms of business entities implements its activities through a limited company in the United States (Limited Liability Company). The author determines the variation of practical applicability of the studied forms in the US economy, as well as arbitration and litigation related to its functioning.
On the example of the legal analysis of the experience of some American companies set up as LLC, the author studies the priority economic spheres exercising this legislative area in the United States. Contemporary American LLC, an example of the Supreme Court of the United States, is also studied as a party to litigation in the field of protection of intellectual property rights in the comparative analysis with other forms of legal entities.
During the comparative analysis the author examines Russian and American approaches to the legal procedure of registration of companies with respect to their effectiveness in matters of compliance control over the creation of legal entities at the federal level.

Key words: legal entities, organizational and legal form of business activity, economic partnership, Limited Liability Company, venture business, investment fund, patent disputes, procedure for registration of companies.

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