Goncharov A.I. The law court-economic study as the juridical technology of the neutralization of the lawful conflict (Part 1)

A.I. Goncharov

Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law, Civil and International Private Law (fundamental department of SSC RAS), Volgograd State University

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Abstract. The article deals with the law court-economic study, which was being taken place in the civil matter in the law court of general jurisdiction in 2013 which facilitates the neutralization of lawful conflict as the juridical technology of proofs. The questions under consideration refer to the determination of the bonds rating of the State domestic premium bond issue of 1982; the conclusion about the purchasing power of the aforementioned bonds is substantiated.

Key words: law court, plaintiff, proofs, bonds, the law court-economic study, juridical technology, lawful conflict, dismissal of case.

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