Kuskova E.V. Preliminary provisional arrangements as the grounds for the accural of arbitral procedural relationship

Kuskova Elizaveta Vladimirovna
Postgraduate student, Department of Civil Law, Academy of Management ‘TISBI’
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Kalinin St, 69-34, 420043 Kazan, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article reveals the idea of limited preliminary arbitral procedural relations, suggests the use of the term in the science of the arbitration procedural law which is correlated to the development of an institute of preliminary provisional arrangements. The author defines in full detail the notion of preliminary limited arbitration procedural relations, proposes the use of the aforementioned notion in the field of arbitration procedural law. The article identifies the grounds for the development of preliminary limited arbitration relations, and analyzes the role of the preliminary injunctive arrangements in case of arbitration procedural legal proceedings.

Key words: arbitral legal proceedings, grounds for development, preliminary injunctive
arrangements, preliminary limited relationship, juridical fact.

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