Turbina I.A. The New Approach to Recovering Damages by the Sole Executive Body of Economic Entity in the Process of Approved Transaction

Turbina Inga Aleksandrovna

Postgraduate Student, Department of Civil and International Private Law, Volgograd State University, Base Department of Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SSC RAS)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation


Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of legal provisions on liability of the sole executive body of the economic entity for damages when making unprofitable (loss-making), but properly approved transaction. The author carries out the analysis taking into account the civil legal theory, modern judicial practice and Decrees of the Plenum of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the RF of July 30, 2013 no. 62 "On some issues of covering damages by the member of legal entities".

Key words: civil and legal responsibility, economic entities, sole executive body, recovery of damages, approval of transaction.

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