Sharonov S.A. The Criteria of Classification of Security Organizations and Their Characteristics

Sharonov Sergey Aleksandrovich

Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law, Volzhsky Institute of Humanities, Branch of Volgograd State University

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Abstract. The article reveals the bases of classification of security organizations as the subjects of legal relationship of security activity. The analysis of accumulated knowledge in the studied sphere let point out the following classification criteria: the organizational and legal form, the means of achieving the statutory purpose, the legal status of the founder, the legal capacity, as well as the bodies and the management structure. It is proved that the revealed criteria are characterized by conceptual nature as they are based on business content of security activity, its principles and functions, the structure of legal relationship, and also on the concept "security organization" and its features. The author provides the civil legal characteristics of each element of classification and reveals the problems, the solution of which promotes the realization of citizens' right to conducting business activity.

Key words: security activity, classification, legal relationship, security organizations, security works and services, problems.

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