Ryzhenkov A.Ya. Multi-Sectoral Principles of Natural Resources Law as a Legal Category

Ryzhenkov Anatoliy Yakovlevich

Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor, Department of Civil and International Private Law, Volgograd State University, Base Department of the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SSC RAS)

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Abstract. The article deals with the modern theory of multi-sectoral principles that emerged within the natural resource industries of law (land, water, mining, forestry, faunal). It is noted that in addition to the property (real estate) relations, in which multi-sectoral principles are used, as well as the relations on protecting natural objects, there is a complex of multisectoral principles of land and administrative law relating to the issues of nature management. It also includes the principle of natural resources availability at a fee. The principles and norms with "double registration" in the administrative and financial law, on the one hand, and in the fields of natural resources law, on the other hand, coexist in the frames of such complex of multi-sectoral principles of law. The author proposes to separate the multi-sectoral principles, existing only within the branches (less often sub-branches) of natural resources law as a separate (fourth) complex. In the end of the article, the author argues the need to expand the system of principles of natural resources law through their development in the legislation of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Key words: principles, branch of law, nature management, natural resources law, environmental law, subjects of the Russian Federation, civil law, resource.

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