Shmeleva M.V. The Effectiveness of Procurement as a Key Goal of the Russian Contract System

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/lc.jvolsu.2018.1.13

Marina V. Shmeleva, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law, Saratov State Academy of Law, Volskaya St., 1, 410056 Saratov, Russian Federation, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introduction: the article is devoted to the issues of improving the effectiveness of public procurement. Public procurement can now be used by the state to achieve a variety of benefits that go beyond the mere acquisition of goods, works or services. Such advantages can be manifested not only in the implementation of cost-effective procurement procedures, but also in obtaining the public benefits of environmental or social character. For that purpose, the author reveals the importance of the problem of effectiveness of procurement procedures for the Russian system of public procurement. With the help of methods of scientific cognition, first of all, the dialectical method, the system of public procurement in interrelation and development was considered. The paper also uses the specific methods of scientific knowledge, including: system and structural, formal and logical, as well as special and legal methods of normative interpretation and comparative law. Results: it is pointed out that there are a number of public procurement objectives that can be identified and that pursue some or even most public procurement systems. These goals are realized through a variety of means and regulatory rules on conducting the public procurement procedures, which are one of these tools. When working out, implementing and interpreting the regulations, it is essential to understand these possible objectives and how they relate to each other – and, of course, to understand their relevance to a particular procurement system. One of the main and first objectives of most procurement systems is the successful acquisition of goods, works or services, in other words, the effectiveness of procurement procedures. The article reveals the value of the purpose of the effective procurement procedures for the Russian system of public procurement. Conclusions: according to the results of the study it should be assumed that the timely and full meeting the customers needs in goods, works, and services with the necessary price, quality and reliability is an important goal of the public sector. At the same time, the state is interested in the fact that as a result of procurement, not only goods (works and services) are purchased at a low price, but also the social and economic efficiency is achieved.

Key words: public procurement, contract system, social and economic efficiency, objectives of public procurement, object of procurement, value of public procurement, public customer, procurement procedures, methods of determining the contractor (supplier), conclusion of public contract, procurement legislation.

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