Sineokiy O.V. “Re-Executions” and “Secondary Editions” in the Objective of Intellectual Property Rights

Oleg Vladimirovich Sineokiy
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of Department of Journalism,
Zaporizhzhya National University
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Zhukovskogo St., 66, 69600 Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Abstract. The object of the publication is the system of relations in the field of the music recording industry. The subject of this publication is the analysis of repeated performances of previously written songs, secondary and bootlegger issues of audio carriers with music content from the point of view of intellectual property rights. The material is based on the general methodological approaches to the analysis of social phenomena, where the priorities are the comparative, dialectical systemic, structural and functional analysis, descriptive method and classification approach. The novelty of the study also lies in the fact that the research material is illustrated by examples from the breeding of the legal component in compliance with intellectual property rights.

Key words: intellectual property rights, recording, re-execution, secondary execution, a bootlegging issue.

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