Shchenina T.E. To the Question of Criminalistic Typology of Female Criminals

Tatyana Evgenyevna Shchenina
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor,
Glazov State Institute named after V.G. Korolenko,
Honored Worker of National Education of the Udmurt Republic
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Pervomayskaya St., 25, 427621 Glazov, Russian Federation

Abstract. The identity of the woman-criminal – legal significance for issues such as assignment of punishment and release from punishment. Criminal-legal significance is primarily assigned to such properties of a personality, which are reflected in its social danger. The structure of the individual women who commit crime is based on crime, it only shows the characteristics of the person, influencing on which you can change the behavior of the individual, to refocus it on a normal way of life. On the basis of typologies determined by distinguishing from each other the personality types of female criminals.
In this work the task is to justify the need and importance of systematization and accounting of psychological characteristics of women in the investigation of crimes. The author shows the value of tactical criminalistic typology of female criminals. The female suspect, defendant must establish the physiological, psychological characteristics, her social situation, which should be considered at the exemption from criminal liability and punishment.

Key words: forensic typology, classification, woman-criminal, psychological characteristics, personality types of the woman – suspect, accused, production of separate investigative actions, tactics and methodology of investigation of crimes, production of criminological research.

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