Slavgorodskaya O.A. Features of Interrogation of Witnesses Tactics in the Investigation of Violent Crimes Committed Against Women

Olga Aleksandrovna Slavgorodskaya
Сandidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Criminalistics,
Saratov State Law Academy
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Volskaya St., 1, 410056 Saratov, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to the issues of perfection of a technique of investigation of violent crimes committed against women. It is emphasized that one of the elements of a security nature, requiring further improvement is the regulatory framework. The lack of legal regulation of such categories as “domestic violence” does not allow to fully develop the bases of a technique of investigation of crimes of this type. In order to improve the legal framework it is necessary to use the universally recognized norms of international law. It is emphasized that until the completion of a legal settlement, procedure of the investigation of violent crimes against women develops within the general theoretical concepts. On the basis of a private forensics technique structure it is possible to consider the tactics of individual investigations as one of its special elements. It is stated that the investigative actions that pose the greatest difficulty in the investigation is the examination of witnesses. In the process of the study the author was able to identify the category of witnesses to be questioned in the investigation of violent crimes committed against women and consider the tactical features of interrogation of witnesses in each category. The revealed features of the questioning of witnesses in the investigation of violent crimes committed against women, allow to allocate a separate category of minor witnesses. In the production of the questioning of juvenile witnesses, the psychology of children and adolescents should be specially taken into account, complicated by the specifics of the crime. Interrogation of adults should be based on establishing psychological contact.

Key words: interrogation, information, communication, violence, psychological contact, witness.

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