Pavlova E.V. Administrative and Legal Means for Prevention of Domestic Violence

Evgeniya Vasilyevna Pavlova
Candidate of Juridical Sciences,
Deputy Head of Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Activity,
Department of Internal Affairs,
Orel Law Institute of the MIA of Russia named after V.V. Lukyanov
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Ignatova St., 2, 302027 Orel, Russian Federation

Abstract. The analysis of the number of committed crimes and administrative offences, to identify the causes and conditions conducive to their proliferation. The system of prevention of family and domestic conflicts. The basic directions of increase of efficiency of prevention of offenses and crimes committed in the family.
The main emphasis is on the necessity of improving the system of state bodies involved in the prevention of violence in the family and the individual powers of local police officers as an element of preventive work. Indicated the possibility of establishing specialised units in the public sector, the main activities will be related to the problem.

Key words: a crime, an administrative offence, prevention, the activities of the police precinct, household and family conflicts.

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