Zakharova M.V. Сomparative Jurisprudence and the Problem of Legal Education Internationalization in the Russian Federation: New Challenges of “the Third-Wave Society”

Mariya Vladimirovna Zakharova
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor,
Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL),
Correspondent Member of International Academy of Comparative Law (Paris),
Scholar-in-Residence, Université de Poitiers (France)
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Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya St., 9, 123995 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The present article analyzes the problem of the influence of comparative law as a method on the processes of legal education internationalization in the sequential evolution of modern legal world map in the paradigms of the information society – the “third-wave society”, as it is called by the famous American philosopher Alvin Toffler.
In the course of material presentation the author refers, in particular, to the problem of using the potential of comparative law in the implementation of international legal education model, determines the particular problems faced by the Russian Federation in the transition to the Bologna system of judicial training.
The author makes conclusion on the increasing importance of comparative law for the convergence of the various components of national legal systems, including their institutional segments. An important role in this process, as highlighted in the article, is played by a qualitative leap in the dynamics of the spread of information resources in the world.

Key words: law, education, convergence, internationalization, comparative jurisprudence.

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