Pavlenko E.M. Informational Function of Human Rights Culture in the Modern State and Society

Evgeniya Mikhaylovna Pavlenko
Candidate of Juridical Sciences,
Associate Professor, Department of International Law and Human Rights,
Moscow City Teacher Training University
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Novokuznetskaya St., 16, 119017 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to the development of the category “human rights culture”, new to jurisprudence. On the basis of a structural-functional method the author opens the contents, specifics of human rights culture, considers its functions, gives author’s definition to this category. The author distinguishes the following functions of human rights culture: humanistic, axiological, gnoseological, praxeological, informational, regulatory, communicative and educational. The author pays special attention to the role of informational function of human rights culture in modern society and the state. The author comes to the conclusion that the modern information antagonism, the developed information wars between the states, an avalanche of false information in traditional mass media and Internet space (blogs, social networks, news lines) lead to leveling the value of human rights idea, thus negatively affecting the process of formation of human rights culture of humanistic in essence.

Key words: human rights culture, structural-functional method, functions of human rights culture, informational function of human rights culture, information society, information war, human rights.

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