Anisimova A.S. The Internet Relations in Modern Society: Streamlining Problems

Alina Sergeevna Anisimova
Junior Researcher,
Saratov Branch of the Institute of State and Law, RAS;
Postgraduate Student,
Saratov State Law Academy
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Chernyshevskogo St., 135, 410028 Saratov, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to one of the most topical issues in modern society – the management of the Internet relations. The Internet acts as a new qualitative phenomenon which forms its own culture, rules, and behavior. At the same time, it leads to the transformations in real life that in turn demands theoretical research. The article’s purpose is to analyse the priority directions of regulation of the Internet relations, among which the infrastructure and standardization, legal and economic aspects, questions connected with development of the technical and social aspect of the Internet. The author comes to the conclusion that special attention should be paid to the international cooperation and development of uniform regulations of the relations in virtual space due to the global character of the Internet relations.

Key words: Internet, Internet relations, legal regulation, digital technologies, e-commerce.

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