Grishina Ya.S. Community Interest Company as an Optimal Model of Social Enterprise

Yana Sergeevna Grishina
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor,
Head of Department of Civil and Legal Disciplines,
Moscow Academy of Economy and Law (Kalmyk Branch)
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Prosp. Gorodovikova, 5, 358011 Elista, Russian Federation

Abstract. The present article deals with the legal status of a British community interest company as an optimal model of Russian social enterprise. The author makes conclusion that unlike European continental social enterprises built by the Italian model and aimed at job placement of socially vulnerable workers, the British company is focused on enhancement of effectiveness of commercial activity in the interests of a certain community. The attractiveness of a British model is being provided with a simplified procedure of registration, flexible structure, a possibility of assets blocking, reinvestment of the 2/3 of profit in social problem-solving, strict government control over a match of a company’s charter objectives with the interests of the society. The author substantiates the scientific and practical recommendations about the necessity of legalization of reinvestment of a part of profit in social problem-solving which can serve as an optimal indicator of efficiency of a Russian social enterprise.

Key words: community interest company, Italian cooperative, social enterprise, societyoriented activity, society.

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