Uskova M.S. Civil and Legal Regulation of Property Agricultural Insurance in Russia and in European Countries: Experience of Comparative Research

Marina Sergeevna Uskova
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and International Private Law,
Volgograd State University,
Base Department of Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Postgraduate Student, Teacher, Department of Civil Law,
Volgograd Institute of Business
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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation
Kachintsev St., 63, 400010 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article is devoted to the analysis of legal regulation of insurance in the agricultural sector in several European countries with the aim of obtaining a positive experience in the legal field for the Russian legal system. Agricultural insurance is an a priori extremely risky type of insurance, which depends directly on the climate and weather conditions. Every year agriculture suffers losses due to natural disasters, which, at least, can lead to the bankruptcy of agricultural producers, as well as to the complete rejection of an economic entity from engaging in this activity.

To save or prevent this situation it is essential to increase the function of insurance in agriculture.
In this context, the aim of this study is the international experience of agricultural insurance, its refraction and borrowing by the Russian legal system as a mechanism of business entities protection.
Foreign practice of agricultural insurance in comparison with the Russian one is wellestablished, multi-dimensional, and its fairly long history confirms, on the one hand, the special attention of the state to this mechanism of protecting the material interests of farmers, and, on the other hand, shows a new stage of development of relations between the state and insurance companies, which are expressed in the creation of modern structures and systems to address objectively necessary and socially important state tasks.

Key words: insurance, agricultural insurance, international agricultural insurance, insurance contract, government support, subsidy assistance, insurance business.

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