Perekrestov V.N. Development of the guarantee system of advertent confession as a modernization trend in criminal procedure legislation

V.N. Perekrestov

Senior Lecturer, Department of Criminal Proceeding and Criminalistics, Volgograd State University, Deputy of the President of Regional Court, Svetly Yar, Volgograd

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Abstract. As practice shows, at the investigation stage the obtainment of the testimony of the accused often occurs in the violation of his rights or bypassing the legally established order. The Prosecutor’s check on the complaints of the accused who apply to him in case of unlawful methods of investigation turns out to be unsuccessful, and the courts do not evaluate the admissibility of the thus obtained evidence. As a result of difficulties inevitably arise with the assessment of the reliability of the reported person of information on the merits of the case.

Key words: admission of guilt, procedural guarantees, illegal methods of investigation, selfincriminating, illegal acts, court proceedings.

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