Zubarev A.V. Civil legal methods of institutional control of financial and economic activities in a joint-stock company

A.V. Zubarev

Postgraduate student, Department of Civil and International Private Law (fundamental department of SSC RAS), Volgograd State University

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Abstract. In recent years, the legal regulation of control over financial and economic activity of enterprises, particularly corporations, have acquired special relevance. The increasing complexity of the structure of joint-stock companies at the same time is accompanied by an increase in costs, and, therefore, there appears the need to improve the methods of controlling the financial and economic activities. For the purpose of the work the author conducts a systematic analysis of the legislation in the above mentioned sphere. The author analyzes in detail the current state and perspectives of the development of the civil law in the control of the financial and economic activities of the company.

Key words: corporate governance, joint-stock company, corporate law, audit, audit committee.

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